We've just completed a new worship facility and the acoustics are horrible. What should we do?

First, we applaud your understanding that acoustics play a HUGE roll in the success of a house of worship.  Great looks are wonderful, but, as we trademarked years ago, “How can the congregation HEED the word if it can’t HEAR the word?™”
To begin the process of taming your facility’s acoustics, please look into Our Room Analysis Services.  The process involved is similar to our normal Product Application Support service, with a few exceptions:
  • While hand drawings/sketches will work, we’d prefer to see copies of the actual blueprints of the space.  Digital pictures or video are always welcome, too.
  • Our turnaround time for large spaces such as sanctuaries and multi-purpose rooms is dependent on demand. We’ll perform basic acoustical modeling of the space, attempting to predict things like reverberation, intelligibility, musical clarity, etc. This is not an exact process and the results are subject to many variables—all of which cannot be quantified without on-site analysis.  However, without ever leaving our headquarters in Indianapolis, we’ve helped from afar thousands and thousands of folks achieve their desired acoustical results.

All of the above is free, with a few exceptions, because we take into consideration that you’ll likely be buying our products once we’ve finished analyzing your space. We put together a shopping list of acoustical treatments that you can then purchase through any of our thousands of dealers around the globe. Installation is a snap with most of our products, and should be something your staff members or volunteers can tackle with little difficulty.  If you don’t desire to handle the installation yourself, contact us and we can discuss other options with you, such as Auralex-certified installers performing the installation.

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