What’s the difference between T’Fusors and Geofusors?

T’Fusor is our longest running, flagship diffusor. Made of a thermoplastic resin, T’Fusors are very hard (and durable) and are effective at diffusing sound almost completely, above 500 Hz. Feel free to check out the polar plot comparisons of T’Fusors versus flat walls by clicking here. You can increase the low-end performance slightly (and decrease some 250 to 300 Hz resonances) by back-filling the T’Fusors with loose insulation or leftover Studiofoam. T’Fusors will drop into any 2’x2′ ceiling grid or mount directly to a wall using Velcro strips, trim strips, nails, screws (with anchors as appropriate), etc.

The GeoFusor is a newer diffusor design, based on a geodesic dome shape. This form helps create a controlled and symmetrical scatter pattern to control direct reflections and slap back echo, while still retaining energy in a space. Similar to T’Fusors, GeoFusors can be back -filled with absorptive materials to help tame some of the lower frequency band.

To see some data comparing the two diffusors, see Diffusion Testing Data.

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