What can I use to soundproof the ceiling of my room?

Doing a an isolation build-out on the ceiling of a room is basically the same as the procedure for the wall.  The reason we included this question is to address the issue of single partition isolation versus whole-room isolation. Acoustics 101 goes into a lot more detail about this: room-within-a-room construction, etc. (particularly Chapters 3&4). For the purposes of this FAQ page, we will tell you that isolating one surface of a room will rarely yield the necessary results. This is especially true if you are playing/recording live acoustic drums. In a basement studio, for example, the sound is not only going through the ceiling, but also ”flanking” to the upstairs via the floor and walls. A complete room-within-a-room build out is the only way to ensure sound leakage is controlled in a space such as this.

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