Can I paint my Studiofoam or Diffusors?

Painting or covering Studiofoam products will at best just hurt their effectiveness as absorbers due to the paint or covering interfering with the open celled nature of the Studiofoam which is what allows it to be absorptive. At worst, some paints can degrade the Studiofoam and actually eat away at it which will not only make it less effective, but ruin it entirely. Studiofoam is really best to use as it comes out of the box from us to make sure it performs as needed to treat your space.


We do not recommend painting manufactured, tested products, like the T’Fusor or GeoFusor.. The paint should not affect the acoustical properties, but because it has not been tested, we cannot speak to that. There are many types of paint, some compatible with plastic, but because we have not tested any sort of paint on the T’Fusor, we cannot speak to the affect it may have on the acoustic performance. Lastly, the finish on painting a T’Fusor is not very successful. We have had people in the past paint it on their own, and it does not finish well, due to the unique shape of the product. There are streaks that are very hard to avoid. Overall, we do not recommend anyone to paint it. If you choose to paint it, we cannot be held accountable for the result of the after effect of doing so.

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